About Welgo

Our Commitments

One goal, accompanying families to change their way of getting around

L'abonnement vélo cargo

Observation 1: Cargo bikes are an alternative to cars in the city

With cargo bike, you can transport:

  • Three to four children
  • Their backpacks (in the front basket)
  • Your belongings (in the saddlebags)
  • And even your groceries

Observation 2: We dream of traffic jams at night

Throughout the year 2022, Parisian motorists spent 246 hours in traffic jams, equivalent to ten days and six hours. Another interesting point, according to Ademe, a cyclist averages 15 km/h in the city while a car maxes out at 14 km/h.

Location vélo cargo
L'équipe Welgo-le projet

Observation 3: A planet that no longer revolves smoothly

Every year, collectively, we make 26 million trips to drop off or pick up our children from school. The observation is that nearly a third of these trips are made by car, even though 90% of parents live less than a kilometer from their child’s elementary school.

Welgo is committed with Planète Urgence. By supporting this NGO, we act for fragile ecosystems, forest protection, and biodiversity.

Planète Urgence is an environmental protection and development assistance NGO created in 2000 and recognized as being of public utility.

Their purpose

Empower women and men to preserve forests and biodiversity

The mission

Location vélo cargo électrique
Welgo Team

Welgo’s mission is to democratize access to the longtail bike, a practical and ecological transport solution for families. I am convinced that the longtail bike can change families’ daily lives by offering an alternative to cars and public transportation for trips of less than 5 km.

Through an all-inclusive subscription, Welgo offers quality longtail bikes at an affordable price, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this innovative mode of transportation. At Welgo, we are convinced that the bike is the future of urban mobility, and we are proud to contribute to making your journeys greener, more responsible, and more enjoyable.

Nicolas Deparis


The concept

For a fixed monthly fee, its members always have access to a bike in good condition. If there is a problem with the provided bike, it is repaired within 48 hours by a technician from the Welgo team.

Getting around on a longtail bike has many advantages. Its elongated frame allows for easy transportation of bulky items or multiple passengers, providing a practical and ecological solution for daily commutes. Additionally, the longtail bike is generally more stable and comfortable to ride than traditional cargo bikes, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Why cargo bike ?

A bike that's increasingly local

The Léon is hand-assembled in Belgium, in a local and inclusive production facility. This approach helps support the local economy while promoting a culture of inclusion. The result is a Léon bike that combines quality craftsmanship, social engagement, and environmental responsibility.

So, are you ready to join the adventure?