From €6 per day, all inclusive.

The Welgo Formula ? Your favorite cargo bike... With the all-inclusive 4-in-1 service

1. Your favorite cargo bike

Our squadron of cargo bikes is waiting for you! With more than 5 models available, enjoy full functionality, whether you’re transporting your little monsters or a mountain of groceries.

location vélo cargo longtail
abonnement vélo cargo électrique

2. Equipped according to your needs

Your bike is 100% customizable with more than 20 accessories. Baby seat for mini you, panniers to carry your life, or canopy for rainy days.

3. With a suitable formula

Your life is an adventure novel, and each chapter deserves its own magic formula. Whether you’re the type to improvise day by day or plan for the long term, we have what you need. Choose between the absolute flexibility of our flexible formula, the reassuring commitment of 12 months, or the epic saga of 24 months.

location vélo cargo électrique
Abonnement vélo cargo famille

4. And the Welgo service

An all-inclusive service, rated 4.8 out of 5 on Google, because we love when you love. Delivery, maintenance, repairs, insurance? Consider all of that taken care of. At Welgo, we handle everything, so all you have to do is pedal happily.

Welgo Team

Our vision: Tailored support for every family, contact us!

The most frequently asked questions about the Welgo subscription

Your bike is insured by Allianz with comprehensive insurance (breakage, theft, and damage). In case of an incident:

  • Contact our hotline available 7 days a week. Each bike comes with a keychain and a unique customer number.

  • We take care of the rest and send a dedicated team to recover the bike.

  • If the cargo bike remains unfound, your bike will be replaced according to available stocks.

  • Welgo is available in France, Belgium, and Germany:

  • In France: Paris and its suburbs.

  • In Belgium: mainly in the Brussels region, but contact us for other cities.

  • In Germany: Berlin.

  • Our subscription is all-inclusive! The rates displayed on the site include:

  • Your longtail bike prepared by our mechanics with the FAMILY PACK (front basket, footrest, frame lock, monkey, front and back cushion)

  • Home delivery of the cargo bike

  • Comprehensive insurance (theft, damage, breakage)

  • Home repair service in case of breakage

  • 7/7 assistance + taxi service in case of problems (if you are more than one kilometer away from your home)

  • A buyback option for the bike at the end of the rental Book your trial for free!

  • Switch: Change your formula or cargo bike at any time, to perfectly match the evolution of your needs.
  • Buy: Fallen in love with your mount? Buy it during the subscription, with an offer adapted to its use and condition.
  • Play: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with zero registration fees. Ride, explore, and if the mood strikes, start over!

Absolutely, your cargo bike and your subscription adapt to the evolution of your family. A new member in the tribe? Change the model or accessories to meet your new needs.

  • Company-friendly: Absolutely, take a longtail bike in the name of your company and enjoy the same exceptional service.
  • Welgo Business: If you are an employer and want to offer bikes to your employees, discover our tailor-made solutions by visiting Welgo Business.
  • With Welgo, companies and individuals alike find their happiness and that of their teams, thanks to flexible, sustainable, and advantageous mobility solutions.

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