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In a world where urban mobility is reinvented every day, the cargo bike emerges as the rising star of eco-friendly transportation. Among the models that catch our attention, the Tern cargo bike stands out. Combining intelligent design and performance, it redefines our approach to daily commutes, promising an experience that is both smooth and environmentally friendly. You might be wondering why opt for a cargo bike? Imagine hassle-free travel, where transporting your purchases, or even your children, becomes child’s play. The cargo bike, with its optimized loading capacity, represents the perfect solution to combine physical activity, practicality, and ecological commitment.

It is in this context that Welgo enters the scene, revolutionizing the way you access this innovation. No more expensive purchases, it’s time for long-term, flexible, and hassle-free rentals. Welgo offers you all the advantages of the Tern cargo bike without the inconveniences of maintenance and storage. Ready to change your vision of urban mobility? Let yourself be guided by Welgo, explore the multiple facets of the Tern cargo bike, and discover how this alliance offers you not only a means of transportation but a true daily adventure. Embark with us on a journey where your freedom and positive impact on the environment are at the heart of our concerns.

Focus on the Tern GSD cargo bike

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If you are looking for a cargo bike that combines practicality and performance, let me introduce you to the TERN GSD. This bike is not just a means of transportation; it is a revolution in your daily mobility. Here’s why the TERN GSD is considered one of the best cargo bikes on the market.

Presentation of the TERN GSD

The TERN GSD stands out for its unique features that place it at the top of the list of cargo bikes. Designed to replace your car, the TERN GSD can carry two children, groceries, and much more, all while being the length of an ordinary bike. Its dual-battery technology ensures you have all-day autonomy, while its FlatFold and Vertical Parking features make it incredibly easy to store and use. Whether you need to transport your family or your belongings, the TERN GSD fits perfectly into your life.

The advantages of using longtail bikes in urban environments

Navigating the urban jungle requires agility, speed, and a touch of cunning. Have you ever considered the longtail bike as your ideal companion? Here’s why this choice could transform your city experience. First, forget about traffic jams. With a longtail, you can easily weave through lines of cars. You save time, yes, but you also rediscover the pleasure of moving around. Next, consider the savings. Goodbye fuel costs, parking fees, and public transport tickets. Your budget thanks you.

But the cargo bike is not just a simple bike: it’s your personal transport vehicle, capable of carrying your groceries, your children, and even your friends. Its versatility is a major asset in an urban environment where every square meter is precious. Moreover, its robustness reassures you: this bike is designed to last, even in the face of the challenges of a busy city.

Welgo, rent your Tern GSD at the best price

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The Tern range: GSD S10, S00, and R14: what are we talking about exactly?

The Tern cargo bike S10

The GSD S10 is often considered the ideal starter model for those interested in electric cargo bikes. Here are its key features:

  • Speeds: 1 x 10, offering sufficient range for a variety of terrains.
  • Weight: 33.58 kg, making it relatively easy to maneuver.
  • Load capacity: 200 kg, perfect for transporting children or shopping.

The Tern cargo bike S00

The GSD S00 elevates the cargo bike concept with family-oriented features and continuous variability:

  • Transmission: Continuously Variable 380%, for smooth adaptation to any situation.
  • Weight: 34.98 kg, offering increased stability with a payload.
  • Specific features: Designed for ease of family use, including transporting passengers in comfort and safety.

The Tern cargo bike R10

The GSD R14 represents the pinnacle of the range, with top-of-the-range equipment for an unrivalled driving experience:

  • Speeds: 1 x 14, the widest range of speeds available, ideal for all types of journeys.
  • Weight: 37.26 kg, reflecting the addition of top-quality components.
  • Autonomy: Thanks to Bosch’s dual-battery system, it’s ready for long adventures without worrying about recharging.

Technical specifications of the Tern GSD 💡

Frame and design: All three models feature a Tern GSD frame in 6061 aluminum, designed for a load capacity of 200 kg, attesting to their robustness and durability.

Braking system: Magura MT5 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes deliver exceptional stopping power on all models.

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Electric system: Bosch Cargo Line motor on all three models, offering up to 85 Nm of torque for easy climbing and heavy loads.

Autonomy and Battery: The Bosch dual-battery system varies according to model, from 400 Wh/900 Wh for the S10 and S00, to 1000 Wh for the R14, guaranteeing excellent autonomy.

Wheels and tires: 20-inch wheels on all three models, fitted with Schwalbe Big Ben Plus or Super Moto-X tires for enhanced grip and durability.

Comfort and adaptability: A tool-free, adjustable cockpit makes these bikes easy to share between family members, from 150 cm to 195 cm in height.

Conclusion: The choice between the GSD S10, S00, and R14 will depend on your specific needs. The S10 is an excellent entry into the world of electric cargo bikes, offering flexibility and reliability. The S00, with its continuously variable transmission, is perfect for those looking for a versatile family bike to replace a car. Finally, the R14 is the ultimate choice for demanding users, offering the best performance, range and comfort in the Tern GSD range.

Focus on the Tern brand 🔍

Tern Bicycles, a Taiwanese brand that has conquered the world of cargo bikes with its innovative creations. Founded just 11 years ago, Tern has managed to establish itself in no less than 45 countries thanks to the exceptional quality of its products. Tern offers a diverse range of bikes, from the BYB S11 to the GSD S10 cargo bike, each standing out for its remarkable performance. The BYB S11, for example, has proven to be a convincing alternative to the famous Brompton, while the GSD S10 continues to be an undisputed reference for manufacturers looking to combine compactness and transport capacity in a longtail bike.

Tern’s philosophy, “Designed across three continents,” highlights its global influence. Joshua Hon, founder, and CEO chose Taiwan as a strategic base due to its expertise in bike manufacturing. Agility in the development process is a key to success for Tern, which relies on a pragmatic approach to create quality, durable “machines” that meet consumer expectations.

In France, a market that ranks among the best for Tern alongside the United States and Germany, distribution has been ensured since 2015 by OGA Srl in Italy. Tern’s reputation is growing day by day, with enthusiastic feedback from users and professionals alike.

For your next cargo bike, trust Tern’s expertise and Welgo’s services to accompany you on this adventure. With Welgo, renting a cargo bike has never been easier, and with Tern, quality is guaranteed. Discover our rental offers now and embark on a new urban adventure!

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Tern Bicycles embodies excellence in cargo bikes, and if you’re tempted by the Tern experience, visit their official website or a dealer to explore their various proposals and accessories. Get ready for a two-wheeled adventure of innovation and durability.

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Where to rent a Tern cargo bike? 💡

Discover the Tern GDS cargo bike

In today’s bustling world, the Tern GSD stands out, pushing the boundaries of what we consider practical urban transportation. This electric cargo bike, with its sturdy build and versatility, defies norms, inviting users to embrace a lifestyle where functionality meets sustainability. But beyond the specs, what makes the Tern GSD so unique and indispensable in today’s urban context? Let’s delve deeper.

Everyday Adaptability: The Tern GSD excels in its ability to adapt to the varied demands of modern life. Whether you’re a busy parent, a professional using the bike for work, or simply an environmentally conscious urban dweller, the GSD caters to your needs. Its capacity to carry heavy loads, including multiple children or significant cargo, eliminates the traditional reliance on cars without sacrificing convenience.

Durability and Environmental Impact: In an era of increased environmental awareness, the Tern GSD answers the call for reduced emissions and minimized carbon footprint. Not only do you contribute to cleaner, quieter cities, but you also embrace a more active and healthy lifestyle. The GSD is not just a means of transportation; it’s a commitment to the planet.

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Technical Innovation and Riding Comfort: Comfort and ease of use are at the heart of the Tern GSD’s design. Every element, from the front suspension absorbing road irregularities to the saddle designed for long-distance comfort, has been thoughtfully crafted to make riding enjoyable. Technical innovation doesn’t stop there: with a low center of gravity, the ride is stable and secure, reassuring even the least experienced cyclists.

Smart Storage Solutions: Space in our urban habitats is precious, and here, the Tern GSD shines as well. It’s designed with a footprint equivalent to that of a standard bike, despite its high load capacity. This feature, combined with the ability to store the bike vertically, makes it perfect for urban residents with limited storage space.

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Transport Your Family: The accessory ecosystem adapts to your family, allowing you to transport two young children or invite your partner for a romantic outing. One Size Fits Most: Tool-free adjustable cockpit to accommodate riders from 150 to 195 cm, ensuring easy sharing among family members. Cargo-Ready: Designed to integrate into your life, including all your belongings, with a range of accessories to secure and stabilize your loads. Easy to Ride: Unique geometry for stable riding no matter the load. The step-through frame makes getting on and off easy, enhancing confidence even under heavy loads.

The Bosch Advantage: Equipped with the Bosch Cargo Line motor, offering up to 85 Nm of torque for smooth and natural riding, and 400% support to conquer the steepest slopes. Rock-Solid: The Atlas Lockstand provides unmatched stability during loading and unloading. The TERN GSD is more than a cargo bike; it’s a comprehensive solution for modern, sustainable, and flexible urban mobility. With its ability to adapt to almost any life situation, it’s the perfect choice for those looking to reduce their dependence on cars while remaining mobile and active in the city. Whether you need to run errands, take the kids to school, or simply enjoy a family ride, the TERN GSD is up to the challenge.


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Reviews of the Tern GSD Cargo Bike ⭐

If you’re looking for reliable reviews of the Tern GSD cargo bike, you’re in the right place. To provide you with a comprehensive view, we’ve sought the expertise of several professionals who have meticulously tested the Tern GSD. Their reviews, shared transparently, will provide you with valuable insights into the performance, practicality, and quality of this model. We believe in the importance of gathering expert opinions to help you make an informed decision and choose the Tern GSD cargo bike that best suits your needs. Explore these experiences for an in-depth perspective on the Tern GSD.

Different Tests of the Tern GSD Cargo Bike to Read :

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Rent or Lease for your Tern Cargo Bike ?

Are you looking for transformed urban mobility, where convenience meets eco-responsibility? Welgo opens up new perspectives for you! Specializing in cargo bikes, this avant-garde company offers you an exclusive rental experience with the Tern GSD, a revolutionary model. Dive into a world where your requirements dictate the rules.

Tailor-Made Service: Welgo understands the complexity of urban journeys and makes renting the Tern GSD exceptionally simple. Say goodbye to exorbitant expenses, storage hassles, or maintenance dilemmas. Welgo offers you an all-in-one, flexible, and secure package.

Distinctive Privileges: Welgo doesn’t skimp on details. Your package includes a premium bike, along with comprehensive insurance coverage, developed in partnership with Allianz. Faced with incidents such as theft, damage, or vandalism, stay calm. Moreover, Welgo ensures rapid assistance, including at your doorstep, for absolute peace of mind.

Green Commitment: By opting for Welgo, you embrace responsible consumption. Reduce your environmental impact and savor every journey, serene and enjoyable. Tern GSD bikes, assembled on-site, embody the commitment to conscious and sustainable mobility.

Constant Attention: At Welgo, the customer is king. Questions, uncertainties? Welgo’s attentive customer service is available every day. Enjoy constant support, ensuring peaceful journeys, for your routines or occasional escapades.


Prepare Your Next Adventure with Your Tern 🗺️

Get ready to redefine adventure with your Tern GSD. This cargo bike, synonymous with freedom, promises to turn every outing into a memorable experience. Imagine the possibilities, explore uncharted horizons, all while benefiting from the reliability and versatility that only Tern can offer.

Start Your Journey: Every adventure begins with a pedal stroke. With Tern, this simple action opens the door to limitless experiences. Whether you’re navigating the city or embarking on off-the-beaten-path excursions, your Tern is your devoted companion.

Comfort and Confidence: Forget the worries associated with traditional travel. The Tern GSD is designed to ensure optimal comfort, allowing you to fully focus on the joy of exploration. Its robustness gives you the confidence to venture wherever your curiosity leads you.

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A Shared Experience: What’s better than experiencing an adventure? Sharing it! The Tern GSD, with its impressive load capacity, allows you to take your loved ones or travel essentials along. Create memories together while enjoying the quality and stability that Tern guarantees.

Adaptability on the Road: Challenging terrains are no longer an obstacle. Thanks to its innovative features, the Tern GSD adapts to various road conditions, encouraging the spirit of adventure. Each journey is an invitation to discover and conquer.

Assured Safety: Your safety is paramount, and Tern has integrated it into every aspect of the GSD’s design. Equipped for visibility and protection, this cargo bike allows you to relax, knowing that every measure has been taken to ensure safe travels.

Adventure awaits around every corner, and your Tern GSD is the key to seizing it. Get ready, take a deep breath, and dive into your next great story. With Tern, the world is at your fingertips, and every ride writes a new chapter of exploration. Embark now; adventure awaits!

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Serpil Tunc
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I rented a Welgo longtail for 2 months to take my 2 children, who are 8 and 5 years old, to school. It was really super practical, and easy to use even in Paris traffic. Especially Nicolas, he is super kind, always available, and open to adapting to your needs.
Pedrero Philia
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Great bike rental service in Paris! Nicolas is very pleasant and attentive, I highly recommend.
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I've been renting the longtail Léon for 1 month, we love it! The team is very responsive and attentive to my needs.
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I rented a longtail bike in Brussels. Angelino and the team are very customer-service oriented and have always sought to respond to our requests by being flexible and agile. Top service!
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Great team, attentive to my needs and responsive to my technical questions by email. I had the opportunity to test their longtail with my two daughters. All three of us were very thrilled.
Alessio Sorbadere
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I've been renting the longtail cargo bike for two weeks in Brussels, the bike is in excellent condition and the service is top-notch! I highly recommend!

Where to find a second hand Tern Cargo Bike?

Are you considering renting a Tern cargo bike and wondering if it’s possible to find used models? It’s true that used Tern cargo bikes are rare on the market because they’re quickly snapped up. However, don’t despair, as various online platforms such as LeboncoinTrocvélo, or 2eme main may sometimes offer interesting opportunities.

If you decide to opt for a used model, I strongly advise choosing one that has been regularly serviced. While Tern cargo bikes are known for their quality, a few issues, including derailleur problems and frame wear, have been reported. Opting for a regularly serviced model can help minimize these potential issues and ensure a more reliable rental experience.

Feel free to browse these platforms diligently, as offers for used Tern cargo bikes can be fleeting. Finding the model that suits your needs can be an excellent alternative to enjoy the benefits of a Tern cargo bike at a lower cost. Happy searching and safe travels!

Tern's Range

Tern Bicycles offers a diverse range of bikes, including electric and folding models, tailored to various needs. Electric bikes such as the GSD, HSD, Quick Haul, NBD, and Vektron are designed for performance and convenience. Their range also includes non-electric bikes and folding bikes, offering compact and practical options for transport and storage. Each model features unique characteristics catering to different uses and preferences. For more detailed information on each model and their specificities, I invite you to visit the Tern Bicycles website.