Comparatif : les meilleurs vélos longtails électriques en 2024

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If you’re in the market for an affordable electric cargo longtail bike in 2024, you’ve come to the right place! Electric longtail bikes have surged in popularity in recent years due to their ability to offer a versatile and classic bike riding experience. In this article, we’ll present a comparison of the best affordable electric longtail bikes available in 2023. We’ve gathered information on the features, pros, and cons of each model to help you make an informed decision when purchasing. Whether you’re looking to use your bike for daily commutes or nature rides, this longtail comparison will help you find the perfect electric bike for your needs and budget.

💡What exactly is a longtail bike ?

A cargo longtail bike is a type of two-wheeled bicycle designed for efficiently and comfortably transporting heavy loads or children. It differs from traditional bikes with its extended rear platform, known as the “longtail,” which allows for the carriage of bulky items (shopping bags, cargo boxes) and especially children. This platform is usually reinforced to bear heavy loads and often comes equipped with Monkey bars (or safety bars).

✅ The 4 key features:

  • Extended rear rack
  • Improved stability and balance
  • Reinforced frame and wheels
  • Powerful motor – minimum 60 Nm of torque
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Longtail bikes emerge as the preferred choice for urban families thanks to their compactness and ease of maneuvering on bike paths. Easier to store than trikes or front-loaders, they offer a practical solution for the limited space typical of urban environments. Their stability and safety, crucial for transporting children and loads, make them a versatile and accessible option. These characteristics, combined with often more affordable costs, make longtail bikes particularly suited to the bustling life and varied needs of city families.

An Overview of Our Comparison

Here’s a comprehensive list that categorizes the different types of longtail bikes:

  • Carrying capacity: Capable of comfortably transporting 2 to 4 children
  • Price range: With prices ranging from €2,500 to €7,000
  • Model types: Models are primarily divided into two types – classic longtail bikes and mid-tail bikes (more compact), capable of transporting one to two young children.
  • Wheel size: Differences also lie in wheel sizes, with options of 20/24 inches for better maneuverability in urban environments, versus 26-inch models that offer more stability over longer distances.
  • Motor: Located in the rear wheel or the crankset
  • Equipment can also make a difference: front suspension, hydraulic brakes, start assist

These longtail bikes, combining comfort, safety, and versatility, stand out as the ideal choice for family commuting in the city.

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The Best Electric Longtail Bikes in 2024

Our favorite: Bike43 longtail bike - €4,790

The Bike43 Cargo Bike Brand

Bike 43 is a Belgian longtail bike brand, manufactured in Anderlecht along the canal. The bikes are assembled at Travie, an inclusive company employing people with disabilities in Brussels, where 8 people work on production. About 80% of the bike parts are European, with frames from Hungary and wheels from Brittany. Local production allows for constant quality control and made-to-order production. The parts have been carefully selected, and the finish is top-notch.

The Bike43 Longtail Bike

The Bike43 cargo bike is a robust, comfortable, and practical longtail model. With its chrome molybdenum steel frame, it comes with a lifetime warranty and offers great durability. The production is carried out locally in Anderlecht, Belgium, allowing for constant quality control and made-to-order production. Bike43 emphasizes the quality of its materials and manufacturing process. The Bike43 cargo bike is the most comfortable we have tested. Indeed, its extended structure and low center of gravity offer great stability and optimal comfort for passengers.

Its mullet setup with a larger front wheel, 24″ versus 20″ at the rear, is remarkably effective. Moreover, it remains compact and maneuverable, allowing great flexibility in urban travel. This model can transport up to 4 children (3 at the back and one at the front), thus offering a sustainable and practical mobility solution for families.

The Bike43 was developed to meet the needs of families: easy to use, vertical storage, a front box for the youngest’s legs, space to attach a lock… The team is unanimous, the finish and design of the bike are excellent.

Technical specifications
4 790
  • Wheel size : 24-20"
  • Motor: Bosch Active Line or Shimano E6100 Cargo
  • Frame: lifetime warranty



The Best Value for Money: Longtail E-bike by Cube - €3,899

The Cube Longtail Hybrid stands out as an electric family cargo bike offering excellent value for money. Available between €3,899 and €4,599 depending on the model, this bike integrates a Bosch Smart system with a massive battery and powerful motor, ensuring easy and secure rides for the whole family. The Sport Hybrid 725 model with its 10-speed Link Glide transmission and the Hybrid 725 model equipped with an Enviolo hub and Gates Carbon Belt drive represent the highlights of this range. With the possibility of acquiring most Cube accessories thanks to Surge Boost, purchasing the Cube Longtail becomes even more attractive, with the total cost not exceeding €4,200 fully equipped.

From a technical perspective, the Cube Longtail Hybrid excels with features such as a Bosch 725 watt-hour battery, a Bosch Performance Line CX motor offering 85 Newton-meters of torque, and either a 10-speed mechanical transmission or a continuously variable Enviolo hub. Its ability to accommodate cyclists measuring from 1.65 m to 1.90 m, its total permissible weight (bike+cargo+rider) of 200 kg, and its own weight varying between 33 and 35 kilos depending on the transmission, enhance its appeal. Additionally, its elegant design and quality finish, available in swamp grey or white, are eye-catching and give the bike a robust and durable look.

My experience with the Cube Longtail Hybrid was extremely positive. This cargo bike is fun to ride, feeling more like piloting a traditional bike rather than a cargo bike, thanks in part to its large 26-inch wheels which promote smooth rolling and increased maneuverability. The Bosch Smart System brings an advanced technological dimension, competing with higher-end models while remaining accessible. The absence of front suspension might seem like a compromise, but the wide 2.6-inch tires largely compensate by providing sufficient damping to absorb road imperfections. In conclusion, the Cube Longtail Hybrid proves to be a wise choice for families in search of a reliable, eco-friendly, and economical means of transportation for their urban journeys.

Technical specifications
3 899
  • Wheel size: 26"
  • Motor: Bosch Cargo line - 85 Nm
  • Weight: 33 kg without battery



The Rolls Royce of Bikes: GSD S10 by TERN - €5,599

The Tern GSD S10 LR represents the pinnacle of electric longtail cargo bikes, valued for its versatility and remarkable performance, despite a high cost reflecting its superior quality. Available from €5,599, the entry-level model of the GSD is already well-equipped, although options can quickly increase the total price. The distinctive design of the GSD, available in several colors, and its longtail structure enable efficient transport of passengers or cargo, with an impressive carrying capacity of 200 kg. The ride is made enjoyable by an upright position and precise control, supported by Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires offering excellent grip.

However, the transmission of the Tern GSD may sometimes struggle under the high torque of the Bosch Cargo Line motor, and the total weight of the bike, while justified by its robustness, can affect its maneuverability. Despite these challenges, the Tern GSD excels in passenger transport, especially children, providing a safe and pleasant experience for all. The customization options, although expensive, add to the bike’s versatility, allowing each user to tailor the GSD to their specific needs.

The autonomy, although sufficient for most urban uses, could be improved, especially considering the bike’s premium price. The Magura MT5 braking system stands out for its power and progression, ensuring maximum safety even when fully loaded. In conclusion, the Tern GSD S10 LR is an exceptional option for those seeking an electric cargo bike capable of replacing a car for most urban travels, provided you’re willing to invest in quality and performance.

Technical specifications
5 599
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Motor: Bosch Cargo line - 85 Nm
  • Weight: 34 kg without battery
Best quality



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The Longtail Multitinker - Riese & Müller: €5,799

The Riese & Müller Brand

Riese & Müller has quietly become a key player in electric bikes, becoming a global reference in the field. Since 2013, TANDEM has collaborated with Riese & Müller, marking the launch of the LOAD, an innovative electric cargo bike with full suspension. This partnership laid the foundations for the excellence and innovation that characterize the brand. Going back in time, innovation is in Riese & Müller’s DNA. In 1993, engineers Markus Riese and Heiko Müller created a fully suspended folding bike, the BIRDY, in their garage in Darmstadt. A true UFO that has stood the test of time. They have since continually innovated to offer comfortable and high-end bikes. In recent years, with the rise of electric bikes, Riese & Müller has successfully combined comfort and manufacturing quality to create high-performance and durable electric bikes. Their diverse range of models offers an exceptional riding experience on all types of terrain.

The Multitinker Longtail Bike

The bike, dressed in an elegant petrol blue shade, displays a refined finish and solid construction. Equipped with 20-inch wheels and a Bosch PowerTube 625 watt Horizontal battery, it offers clever adjustments to fit a variety of sizes. The tiltable steering column and adjustable handlebar height make it a versatile family choice. The Bosch Performance Line CX motor ensures pleasant and comfortable assistance, even when starting on a hill. The Vario model with Enviolo belt drive transmission allows for smooth and silent gear changes, without derailment worries. Magura disc brakes provide reliable braking, even in wet conditions.

In terms of comfort, the Multitinker offers varied adjustments for the cockpit, ensuring an ideal position. Ergonomic grips and a comfortable seat add to the riding pleasure. Accessories, including a custom-made bag, contribute to practicality, although some fixtures may be bothersome. On the road, the bike maneuvers skillfully despite its size, offering smooth riding in Parisian traffic jams. The waterproof and well-designed panniers are a plus, while the battery’s autonomy reaches about 50 km. However, locking the bike can be complex due to its size and the weight of the battery.

Technical specifications
5 799
  • Wheel size: 24-20"
  • Motor: Bosch Active Line or Shimano E6100 Cargo
  • Handlebar adjustment
Comparatif longtail velo cargo Riese and Muller



The U-Cargo Family Longtail - Addbike: €4,890

Discover Addbike Brand

Addbike is a French brand of cargo bikes and accessories that was established in 2011. It specializes in the production of longtail bikes and accessories for transforming bikes. The brand stands out for its innovative products and commitment to the environment. By choosing Addbike, consumers can be assured of acquiring a reliable electric bike while supporting a committed French brand. Addbike bikes are developed and assembled in Lyon. The brand’s customer service is excellent, and the team is very attentive; we highly recommend them.

The Addbike Longtail Bike

The U-Cargo electric cargo bike is the ideal ally for active families looking for a practical transport solution. This modular longtail bike is designed to meet the daily transport needs in the city, with an appearance very similar to a traditional E-bike. It is adaptable according to your needs, and its compactness makes it an excellent choice for city dwellers. The U-Cargo is equipped with an aluminum frame and a Bafang mid-drive motor of 250W. The 80 Nm of torque and the 4 modes allow you to climb the steepest hills with ease. The 522Wh battery allows for a range of about 50 kilometers.

The highlight of this longtail is its modularity. The U-Cargo’s rear rack allows for easy transportation of up to 2 children thanks to its two rear seats with belts for the U-Family. For the other two models, most seats available on the market are compatible, such as Thule, Hamax, Polisport, Decathlon, etc. It also has comfortable equipment for children, the Step’N’Load, so children can place their feet during the ride and easily get on and off the bike when you are stopped.

Available Accessories

A zipper on the side allows children to get on. The numerous storage options (thanks to Switch2Carry technology and front basket) make it easy to do your shopping or transport goods. It is equipped with a spring-loaded central kickstand that guarantees stability when loading your family electric bike; you can activate and remove it without using the strength of your arms, your feet are enough.

The U-Cargo Junior is similar to the U-Cargo Lite, but it has safety bars for enhanced security, integrated cushions for children’s comfort, and Schwalbe puncture-proof tires for a comfortable ride. Both models have additional options available, such as the front basket.

Technical specifications
4 890
  • Wheel size: 20" and tires in 2.4"
  • Mid-drive motor: Bafang BBS01 - 80 Nm
  • Bonus: Assembled in France
Comparatif longtail velo cargo Addbike



The R500 Longtail from Decathlon: €2,999

The Decathlon Longtail

The ELOPS R500 electric cargo bike is a longtail cargo bike offered by the Decathlon brand. The bike is propelled by a rear wheel motor of 250W and a 48V battery (capacity 672Wh). It is also equipped with an LCD screen to display autonomy, speed, and power levels. The power delivered by the motor is very correct, and the starting aid trigger helps avoid the tilting caused by weight at the start. The suspension is quite limited, although practical for the driver.

Overall, a good longtail bike, but with some drawbacks: the top tube is too high, making mounting difficult, especially for short people. In two months of use, we encountered a problem with the display showing an error code, completely disabling the assistance. Transporting a 35 kg bike to the store was not an easy task. Examining other comments, it seems this issue is recurrent.


The Decathlon longtail is equipped with a rear rack that can hold up to 80 kg of load. It is the longtail that offers the most space at the back in this comparison. You can transport up to three children or goods. The strength of this bike is that it is sold fully equipped (except for the rear seats, which cost €25 each).

In addition to the safety bar, footrests, and lock, you will find a front basket. We found this basket impractical; it is not deep and wide enough. You can put a bag in it but not much more. The main flaw of this bike is the height of the frame; the tube connecting the fork to the seat tube is too high. Mounting can be a real ordeal, especially for short people.

Technical Specification
2 999
  • Wheel size: 26" front and 20" rear
  • Motor: 250 Watt Rear Wheel - 58Nm
  • Mode: 4 modes (Eco-Normal-Power-Walk)
Comparatif longtail velo cargo decathlon



The Shimano Multi - Veloe: €4,200

Veloe Brand

Veloe is a young Italian brand specializing in longtail bikes. The Veloe Multi is an electric bike designed for families who balance professional and active social lives. It is part of the ultra-compact longtails and rides like a traditional bike. Its lightweight Chro-Mo steel frame with powder coating can carry up to 200kg (including 80 kilos on the rear rack).

Veloe's Longtail

The Veloe cargo bike is a featherweight at 26kg, making it one of the lightest longtails on the market. It features a powerful yet lightweight Shimano E6100 motor with 60Nm of torque, paired with a fast-charging Shimano BT-E6010 418Wh battery. Shimano’s renowned electric assistance allows for smooth and intelligent pedal assistance. Additionally, Veloe offers fairly comprehensive equipment including reinforced Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires (we’ve never had a puncture with them).

It also features Shimano MT-200 hydraulic disc brakes. Lastly, handlebar adjustments enable the bike’s size to vary, perfect if it is used by multiple people daily. The bike is available in 4 colors. Note that it’s quite rare to find this bike in stores, we invite you to consult the page of the 50 retailers who sell the brand’s bikes in Europe.

Technical Specification
  • Battery: 418Wh - 40 to 60km range
  • Authorized load: 80kg at the back
  • Weight: 26 kg
Vélo longtail Veloe



The Cargo - Gaya: €2,980

Gaya Brand

The young Parisian brand Gaya launches its first two models: a compact electric bike that can accommodate an adult and a child, and an electric cargo bike supporting up to three people. The original design of these bikes is due to their wide white tires and big round front light, giving them a unique look. The brand’s mission is to “contribute to making cities more peaceful, serene, and healthy.” Another special feature of Gaya bikes is their technology. Indeed, the bikes are equipped with an anti-theft system with tracking and remote locking, alarm, rear-wheel lock, and LED turn signals. Gaya has also worked with French partners to offer repairable, eco-designed batteries assembled in France and integrated connectivity in electric bikes. Gaya aims to shift all assembly to France by 2024.

Gaya's Longtail

The Gaya Cargo is an electric longtail bike that promises to safely transport up to three passengers. We loved its neo-retro bike look with its wide 20-inch wheels and low frame. It is also versatile thanks to its numerous accessories that allow loading the bike according to needs (transporting children, goods, or an adult). Its small wheels make the bike maneuverable and stable thanks to the wide tires. The driving comfort is good, even on Parisian cobblestones. Another plus is its security technology: turn signals and large front light.

However, the bike has many negative aspects. Firstly, the brakes are a weak point: Gaya opted for mechanical brakes that are not at all suitable for a cargo bike’s use. Another critical point concerns the tires, which are also of poor quality (Schwalbe tires remain the reference for ensuring comfort and robustness). Although the price is very attractive, some essential elements for user safety need to be replaced. Regarding other parts, we await to see how they perform over time.

Technical Support
2 980
  • Wheel in 20"
  • Motor: 250W - 50 Nm of torque
  • Weight: 28 kg without battery
Comparatif longtail velo cargo gaya



Longtail Bike: The Importance of Choosing a Good Motor

When it comes to choosing a longtail bike, the motor is of paramount importance to ensure an optimal riding experience. Among the different options available, choosing between a mid-drive motor and a rear-wheel motor is crucial. Opting for a mid-drive motor presents several advantages, including superior performance with smoother progression and absence of jolts during electric assistance. Moreover, mid-drive motors are generally easier to repair, thus offering a practical solution for independent cyclists.

Regarding motor brands, the selection also plays a significant role. Choosing well-known brands such as Bosch or Shimano not only guarantees superior quality but also global accessibility in terms of service and spare parts. This accessibility is particularly crucial for longtail bike enthusiasts, as it provides peace of mind knowing that qualified repair services can be found almost anywhere.

In conclusion

In conclusion, electric longtail bikes are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and ease of use. If you are looking for a cheap electric longtail bike in 2023, there are numerous models on the market. However, it is important to consider key factors when making a purchase, such as battery quality, motor power, and construction durability.

Our comparison of the best cheap electric longtail bikes in 2023 revealed that Radpower and Decathlon models are popular options among users. However, it is important to note that some users have experienced issues with Radpower models, such as difficulties in obtaining subsidies for electric transport bikes in Austria, after-sales service problems, and component issues.

On the other hand, users have had positive experiences with Decathlon’s electric longtail bikes, noting their quality and value for money. Therefore, it is important to consider these factors when purchasing a cheap electric longtail bike in 2023, and to read other users’ reviews to get an idea of overall customer satisfaction.