How to rent a Family cargo bike in Paris?

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Looking for a solution for your urban trips in Paris? Opt for cargo bike rental, a practical, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative. We offer different models to meet your needs, whether for short-term or long-term rental, with offers suited to all budgets.

Paris is a city where urban travel is frequent and where traffic can be challenging. Faced with this, more and more Parisians are turning to alternative and ecological modes of transport, such as the cargo bike. Indeed, this bike, specially designed for the transport of goods and passengers, is experiencing real success in the French capital, where the number of cargo bikes is constantly increasing. In this article, we will present the advantages of cargo bike rental in Paris and the different options available to you to rent this practical and environmentally friendly means of transport.

Electric Cargo Bike Rental in Paris: Longtail, Tricycle or Bicyle?

Considering renting an electric cargo bike in Paris but hesitating between a longtail, a tricycle, or a bicycle? Each of these models offers specific advantages, suited to different needs and driving styles. Here is an overview to help you make the best choice:

Longtail: The City Star

  • Maneuverability: Almost identical to that of a classic bike, making it extremely practical in the busy streets of Paris.
  • Size: Its size, close to a traditional bike, makes it an ideal choice for navigating traffic.
  • Use: Perfect for transporting children or small loads, combining comfort and ease of use.

Bicyle: The Versatile Option

  • Transport Capacity: Designed to carry two children or heavier loads effortlessly.
  • Presence in Paris: Although a bit bulkier, its utility is notable in the capital for its usefulness.
  • Features: Offers a good balance between load capacity and maneuverability, suitable for urban roads.

Tricycle: Stability First

  • Stability: Its three-wheel design makes it the most stable model, ideal for significant loads.
  • Size: Bulkier, requiring some adaptation for urban navigation.
  • Compatibility with Bike Lanes: Well suited to Paris’s cycling infrastructure, despite its size.
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Every type of electric cargo bike has its strengths. Your choice will depend on your specific needs, whether for professional deliveries, daily commutes, or family outings. In Paris, renting an electric cargo bike gives you the freedom to choose the model that best fits your urban lifestyle.

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The Advantages of Renting Electric Cargo Bikes in Paris

Paris is known for its dense traffic, narrow streets, and traffic jams. Yet, it’s possible to move around the city more easily by using a cargo bike. This mode of transport allows you to transport people and bulky items while being more practical than a car.

Rent a Cargo and Longtail Bike in Paris

The cargo bike offers many advantages for moving around Paris:

1. Practical and Economical and faster !

The cargo bike is an economical means of transport that allows you to avoid parking fees. Moreover, it enables you to move more easily and quickly through the city’s narrow streets.

2. Ecological and Environmentally Friendly

The cargo bike is an environmentally friendly choice to reduce your carbon footprint. Indeed, it does not produce exhaust gases and does not contribute to the city’s air pollution.

3. Friendly and Family-Oriented

The cargo bike is a convivial and family-friendly means of transport, allowing easy transport of children, pets, and shopping. It also offers the possibility of group city tours and discovering new places.

4. Maneuverable and Easy to Park

The cargo bike is more maneuverable than a car and can weave through the city’s narrow streets. Additionally, it’s easy to park due to its compact size and can be parked in spaces reserved for bikes.

5. Paris, a City Increasingly Adapted to Cycling

Paris, the city of light and bicycles, continues to make efforts to facilitate cyclist traffic. The city has launched an ambitious plan to increase the number of bike lanes and improve cyclist safety. These efforts are not only for classic bikes but also for cargo bikes.

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Paris. These practical bikes allow for transporting heavy or bulky loads through the city’s narrow streets. However, until now, cycling infrastructures were not always suitable for these bikes.

Fortunately, the city of Paris has recently launched projects to make cycling infrastructures more adapted to cargo bikes. Bike lanes have been widened, and turning angles have been reduced to allow cargo bikes to move more easily. Special parking areas for cargo bikes have also been installed to allow cyclists to park their bikes easily.

Vélo long-tail

In addition to the city’s efforts, cyclist associations and companies specializing in cargo bike rentals work together to improve infrastructures. Together, they organize events to promote the use of cargo bikes and encourage policymakers to consider cyclists’ needs in urban planning.

These new infrastructures are great news for cargo bike users in Paris. Cyclists can now move around the city more easily and safely, facilitating both professional and personal trips. Moreover, these efforts contribute to making Paris more ecological and sustainable by reducing car use and encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly means of transport.

The Different Cargo Bike Rental Options in Paris

Rent a Cargo Bike, for What use ?

1. Cargo Bike for Professional Use

The cargo bike is a professional transport solution gaining popularity among businesses in Paris. With its tricycle and bicycle models, it offers an alternative to motorized vehicles for urban travel. Tricycles allow for transporting larger loads with their third wheel, while bicycles are more maneuverable and better suited for the city’s narrow streets.

Among the advantages of using cargo bikes for professional purposes are the reduction of travel-related costs and the decrease in carbon footprint, as well as a positive and responsible brand image for the company. Moreover, using cargo bikes can also facilitate parcel delivery in pedestrian zones or restricted access areas, offering a practical transport solution for professional trips.

Using cargo bikes can have disadvantages, such as the need to plan logistics for loading and unloading, as well as limits in terms of distance and travel time. It’s important to assess the company’s needs before choosing a cargo bike model suited for the loads and routes. Cargo bikes for professional use offer many advantages for companies looking for an ecological and practical alternative to motorized vehicles, but it’s important to plan their use well.

2. Cargo Bike for Individuals

The cargo bike is also a popular choice for individuals in Paris, offering a practical and environmentally friendly solution for everyday trips. Indeed, cargo bikes are particularly suited for trips with children or for shopping, providing a greater loading capacity than a traditional bike.

The longtail cargo bike can comfortably transport two children thanks to its extended luggage rack, while bicyles are suitable for parents with several children due to their larger loading space. Cargo bikes also offer many other advantages, such as reducing transport costs, carbon footprint, and promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle. It’s important to choose a model that meets your needs, considering loading capacity, maneuverability, and adaptability to urban routes.

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Renting a Cargo Bike from an Individual

3. The Different Brands of Longtail Bikes

Cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular for urban travel, and today there are many brands offering models suited to all needs. Among the most well-known brands are Yuba, which offers longtail and bicyle models designed for transporting children or goods. The French brand Moustache is also very present in the electric cargo bike market with quality models and particular attention to aesthetics. Bike douze, a Swiss brand, offers high-end models with a large loading capacity.

Riese and Muller, a German brand, offers models suited for professional or personal trips with customization options and numerous features. Tern is another brand recognized for its electric cargo bikes, especially the versatile and practical GSD S10 LR model for city travel. Finally, the French brand Bike43 offers cargo bikes designed to be lightweight and maneuverable while offering a large loading capacity. Each of these brands offers models adapted to different needs and budgets, thus providing a wide variety of choices for users.

The Different Rental Durations

Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution with monthly electric bike rental or a long-term transport solution with long-term cargo bike rental, we have an offer that meets your needs. We offer a wide variety of cargo bike models to meet all your transport needs, whether for transporting goods or people. By opting for cargo bike rental in Paris, you can enjoy a practical and environmentally friendly means of transport for your urban trips.

1. Short-Term Cargo Bike Rental in Paris

Short-term cargo bike rental is an interesting option for people who need occasional transport. This rental formula allows you to rent a cargo bike for a duration ranging from a few hours to several days, depending on your needs. Among the advantages of short-term cargo bike rental are its practicality, flexibility, and affordable cost. Indeed, this option allows you to avoid the purchase and maintenance costs of a cargo bike while benefiting from a means of transport adapted to your needs.

This rental formula can have some disadvantages, especially in terms of availability and model choice. It’s important to plan your reservations in advance to avoid disappointments. Despite these disadvantages, short-term cargo bike rental remains an interesting option for people who want to enjoy a practical, economical, and environmentally friendly means of transport for their city trips.

2. Long-Term Cargo Bike Rental in Paris

Long-term cargo bike rental is a transport solution suited for people looking for a medium or long-term solution. This option allows you to rent a cargo bike for several months or even an entire year, depending on your needs. This formula offers many advantages, such as advantageous rates for extended rental, great flexibility to find a model adapted to your needs, as well as regular maintenance and technical assistance included in the rental contract.

However, before committing to this rental formula, it’s important to assess your long-term transport needs. If you only need a cargo bike occasionally, it may be more advantageous to opt for short-term rental.

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3. Monthly Cargo Bike Rental as a Subscription

Monthly cargo bike rental in the form of a subscription offers numerous benefits. Indeed, this type of rental includes insurance that covers any potential damages to the cargo bike during the rental period. Additionally, a complete repair service is generally included, allowing you to enjoy a cargo bike in perfect working condition throughout the rental period. For example, Welgo offers an all-inclusive subscription (insurance, repair, assistance…).

However, one of the major disadvantages of this type of rental is the commitment over several months. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider your needs before committing, to avoid additional fees in case of early cancellation. Despite this, monthly cargo bike rental as a subscription remains an interesting option for those who need a practical and economical means of transport for their daily city commutes.

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Cargo bike rental, a must-have in Paris

Renting a Cargo Bike to Prevent Theft ?

Bike theft is a common problem in major French cities. According to a study by the Ministry of the Interior, about 400,000 bikes are stolen every year in France. Paris is one of the most affected cities, with over 25,000 bike thefts reported each year. Lyon and Marseille are also cities where bike thefts are frequent. Therefore, it’s important for bike owners to take precautions to prevent theft, such as using locks and security systems like GPS trackers. Moreover, for cargo bike users, it’s essential to take out specific insurance to cover losses and damages related to theft.

Our Tips to Prevent Your Cargo Bike from Being Stolen in Paris

Vélo cargo électrique 2024

In Paris, bike theft is a common problem, and cargo bikes are no exception. To prevent theft and protect your cargo bike, it’s important to take a few precautions. Firstly, invest in a good quality lock, preferably a hardened steel U-lock, to secure your cargo bike to a fixed and sturdy attachment point.

Avoid leaving your cargo bike in isolated or infrequently visited areas, especially at night. If possible, park your cargo bike in specially designated bike areas, with additional security devices such as anchoring bars. Finally, consider taking out specific insurance to cover losses and damages related to the theft of your cargo bike. By taking these simple yet effective measures, you can protect your cargo bike and avoid the inconvenience related to thefts.


In conclusion, renting cargo bikes in Paris is a practical and ecological option for urban mobility. With a wide variety of models available for rent, you can find the cargo bike that best suits your transportation needs. Whether you opt for short-term or long-term rental, you can enjoy the benefits of a practical and economical means of transport while reducing your carbon footprint.

By choosing a rental service with comprehensive insurance and technical assistance, you can also ensure that your rental experience will be worry-free. So, don’t hesitate any longer and rent a cargo bike to enjoy all the advantages of this innovative means of transport in Paris.


To rent a cargo bike, you’ll need to pay around €60 for a day, €200 for a week, and then a sliding scale of charges depending on the length of the rental period.

Electrically assisted bicycles, often referred to as “e-bikes”, have become a fixture on Parisian streets. If you’re considering an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional transport, electric bikes in Paris are the answer.

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